For over 10 years, I've been dealing with making websites and implementing Internet-based solutions. I create projects for companies and for business clients of the creative agencies I work with. Esthetics, attention to detail, passion and experience - these elements standardize my work and they guarantee my clients contentment. I kindly invite you to review my offer and become one of them.


Freelancer, web developer, a person with versatile interests and analytical mind. Perfectionist focused on problem solving. Esthete, shutterbug and cinema admirer.

While making websites, Internet applications and visual identity projects, I attach great significance not only to the product's functionality, but also the visual aspect – coherence of all components and overall pleasant design. I am aware that esthetic value is not just a nice-looking addition, but also a crucial element in the brand making process.


You are having your own company or just started one and you're looking for someone who will help you with building an image. You want to appear online and reach new clients. You need advice in choosing the right tools and an executor who will comprehensively handle the visual identity and your company's online presence. You're running a creative agency and need a solid web developer. If any of these sentences apply to you – you are in good hands.

Stages of project realization

Order acceptance

Discussing the project and handing over all materials that are crucial to make the project. Then, drawing up and signing a contract among with realization schedule.

Implementing the schedule

Presenting the progress of the project realization after closure of every step of the schedule. At the end of every stage there is possibility to adjust the correction if the client so wishes.

Product testing

Product testing and making final adjustments.

Ending the project

Project acceptance by client. Issuing an invoice and sending the finished project to the client or implementing it accordingly to the prearranged schedule.

Support and development

Providing technical support to newly made product. Introducing improvements and broadening the capabilities of the product according to the contract.


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While making a website, the knowledge of various technologies is a must. Every project demands individual approach and choosing the right tools. Knowing the following technologies allows me to create tailor made projects which are adjusted to the client's needs.

Would you like to collaborate with me? Do you need someone like me in your team? Call me, let's talk.

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